August 25, 2016

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Energy Awareness Month


Administrators from the Barbourville, Bell, Knox, and Pineville School Districts issued a joint proclamation on Monday, October 4, declaring October 2010 as School Energy Awareness Month.

The school districts pledged that they would utilize energy resources in a safe and efficient manner with an on-going focus on identifying and implementing cost saving measures. The proclamation signing is part of all four district's energy management initiatives and also coincides with National Energy Awareness Month held in October.  

Barbourville, Bell, Knox, and Pineville share an energy manager, Chris Taylor, as part of the Kentucky School Energy Management Project grant.

Joining administrators for the proclamation signing were local students and representatives from Barbourville Utilities, Kentucky Utilities, Cumberland Valley RECC, the National Energy Education Development organization, and the Kentucky School Boards Association.

Energy Saving Recommendations for our Faculty and Staff
  • At the end of the day, turn off all computer monitors.  Leave your hard drive CPU turned on to receive updates.
  • Turn off classroom lights during lunch and recess periods.
  • Consider opening window blinds and allow natural light to fill your classroom during appropriate times of the day.
  • Check classroom thermostats to ensure that they are set to a reasonable, seasonal, temperature.
  • Space heaters use large amounts of electricity to power and often overload circuits.  Please think twice before powering one on.
  • Consider sharing a refrigerator, coffee maker, etc. with a co-worker instead of having separate units.

For more information about the District's energy management plan and how you can help cut energy costs, please contact:

Frank Shelton,  Committee Chair,  606-546-8911;
Chris Taylor, Energy Manager, 606-546-3157;
Kim Merida, Assistant Superintendent, 606-546-3157



Click here to read the proclamation and view signatures

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