August 30, 2016

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Parents of students in the Knox County Schools may access their child's school information, including schedule, attendance, and grades online through Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

For your unique login username and password, please see the secretary at your child's school. 

Below are commonly asked questions about Infinite Campus Parent Portal:

Q: How do I gain access to see my child's information?
A: Visit your child's school to receive information on creating your account. Account activation information will not be shared over the phone. Once you have your activation information, please visit

Q: I have my activation key from the school, where do I setup my account?
A: Log in to Infinite Campus Parent Portal and click on the link under "First time using Campus Portal?" Next you will enter your 32-digit activation key. Once entered, you will create a username (use firstname.lastname [example: john.doe]). You will also be prompted for a secure password. We suggest passwords be a minimum of 8 characters (6 letters + 2 numbers).

Q: What information is available on Parent Portal?
A: You will be able to view grade reports, attendance information, a listing of missed assignments, and assessment results using Parent Portal.

Q: I have forgotten my password, who do I contact?
A: To reset your password please contact Sharon Valentine at (606)546-3157, ext 2028.

Q: How secure is Infinite Campus?
A: Infinite Campus is currently being utilized throughout the state of Kentucky to store student data. All information is submitted through a secure server. Once parents create their username and password after activating their account the password will not be visible to any staff or administrator.

Q: I have children in different schools (example: West Knox and Lynn Camp), do I need to visit each school and create logins for each child?
A: No. Once you have activated your account, all students listed in your household will be visible in Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

Q: Is my student's information visible to other people?
A: Other parents will not be able to view your child's information. Only people you share your username and password with will be able to log in and view your child's information using Parent Portal.

Q: I have questions about the information reported about my child, who do I contact?
A: Please call your child's school for more information. Principals and guidance counselors will be able to assist you with any questions you may have including information on scheduling parent/teacher conferences.
  For more information please contact
  Sharon Valentine,  Parent Portal Coordinator 
  (606)546-3157, ext. 2028

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