August 31, 2016

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The Knox County School District takes part in the National School Lunch/Breakfast Program. Meals are served every school day. Children may buy lunch for $1.25 and breakfast for $.75. Meals are also available free or at a reduced price of $.40 for lunch and $.30 for breakfast. The parent/guardian may complete a lunch/breakfast application to see if their child/children qualify for free or reduced price meals. Applications may be obtained at any Knox County School or at the Knox County Board Of Education. Students may eat meals on last year's lunch/breakfast status for 30 days. After 30 days if a students application is not received by the School Food Service department at the Knox County Board of Education his/her status will automatically change to paid and the parent/guardian will be responsible for all charges accrued. All new students including those in preschool and kindergarten are considered paid until an application is received and approved.

All students are on the Offer Vs. Serve Breakfast and Lunch Program. Preschool students are served family-style meals/snacks where appropriate.

Under the Offer Vs. Serve provision the following conditions must be met for lunch: All five food items must be offered to all students. Meat/Meat Alternate (1 serving), Vegetable/Fruit (2 servings), Bread/Bread Alternate (1 serving), Milk (1 serving). Of the five items offered, students may take all five items or select a minimum of three.

Under the Offer Vs. Serve Breakfast, four items are offered: Milk (1 serving), Bread/Bread Alternate (2 servings or 1 bread and 1 serving of meat/protein), Fruit and/or Vegetable item or juice. Of the four items offered, students may take all four items or select a minimum of three.

Students will not be allowed more than five breakfast and five lunch meal charges. A student must pay for the five (5), breakfast and lunch meal charges before he or she will be allowed to charge another meal. Principal and/or Lunchroom Manager shall be responsible for collecting money for meals that have been charged. After a student has charged five meals, the Principal or Lunchroom Manager is to notify the child about collecting money owed. The student will be allowed three days to pay for his/her meal debt. If the student has not paid his/her account balance debt in three days, the Principal or Lunchroom Manager is to notify the student that there will be a meeting with his/her parents in order to collect balance owed by student.

Knox County's high school students will not be allowed to charge any meals. Adults will not be allowed to charge meals at any of the schools.
  For more information please contact
  Angela Ledford, Food Service Director  
  (606)546-3157 ext. 2004

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